Donna Kennedy

Donna Kennedy

Donna Kennedy  is  a  three-time  bestselling  author,  with  The  Confidence  to  Succee being  her  most recent  release.  She  is  a  qualified  psychologist,  life  coach,  business  coach  and  mentor.  Her  academic work  has  been  published  nationally  and  internationally  by  various  faculties,  including  The  American Journal  of  Psychology  and  The  Irish  Psychological  Record.  She  has  been  endorsed  by  world  leading organisations  and  has  worked  with  many  personal  development  leaders,  including  Bob  Proctor  (The Secret),  Mark  Victor-Hansen  (Chicken  Soup  for  The  Soul),  Brian  Tracy  (CEO  of  Brian  Tracy International  and  bestselling  author  of  77  books),  Sharon  Lechter  (Think  and  Grow  Rich  for  Women and  Rich  Dad,  Poor  Dad),  Lorel  Langemier  (The  Secret),  Anthony  Robbins  Foundation  etc.  Donna regularly  features  in  national  and  international  media  as  an  expert  in  the  areas  of  personal  and business  development  and  several  large  organisations  have  used  her  material  to  market  products and  train  staff. Donna’s  life  today  is  one  of  happiness,  health  and  success.

However,  it  wasn’t  always  that  way.    At one  point  in  her  life  her  confidence  was  so  low  that  she  was  afraid  to  cross  the  street  on  her  own. She  suffered several challenges in her younger years but has become successful despite  them. Today she  teaches  people  all  over  the  world  how  to  do  the  same, to overcome all obstacles and achieve all that you desire. Having  learned  from  some  of  the  world’s  greatest  achievers,  at  age  23  she  bought  her  first investment  property  and  at  age  24  she  created  her  first  company,  turning  over  a  €1,000,000  in  the first  year.  Year-on-year  she  has  gone  from  strength  to  strength  and  is  impacting  people  worldwide with  her  fresh  and  unique  approach.  If  you  want  better  results  in  your  life  and  business,  learn  from Donna!


“”Listen to this girl, she knows what she is talking about!” – Bob Proctor (teacher in the book/movie, The Secret)

“You are going to thank me in your prayers for recommending her to you.” -Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for The Soul book series)

“I have been privileged to speak with such a great speaker as Donna Kennedy. – Brian Tracy (Author of Eat That Frog, Psychology of Sales, etc.)

“Donna has big goals and with her generous spirit she always includes everyone in them. Incredible speaker with amazing information! ” John Boyle, (founder of Boyle Sports)

“If you are looking for extraordinary results, a life-changing mindset, ready to make a positive difference and take action, Donna Kennedy is the woman to see, listen to, and read. She will take you from Ordinary to Extraordinary!” – Ann McIndoo, Author