Breifne Earley

Breifne Earley is a true example of how going for your dreams can save your life. Five years ago he was suffering with depression, lonely, single, overweight, unhappy and contemplating giving up on life altogether. However, through a series of serendipitous events (and dates) Breifne not only decided not to go through with ending his painful life, but to set about designing a new one and gave himself a target of ten life-altering challenges to complete over the next year.

Those challenges included losing weight, travelling, learning new skills, overcoming fear, changing jobs, finding a partner and completing a series of sporting events including triathlons, a marathon and a cycle around New Zealand! From the depths of failure in October 2010 Breifne Earley, in little over a year, he had become an ‘overnight sensation’ and his great achievement in turning his life around was featured on TV, Radio and in news media at home and abroad.

The success of completing these challenges spurred him to do something more, something bigger – he entered the 2014 World Cycle Race to spread the message “It’s OK not to feel OK” And won! 

Breifne Earley set off from his home in Leitrim on 22 February 2014 for a worldwide trip to help raise awareness of depression, mental health and suicide prevention, cycling through Ireland, Wales, England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Northern Ireland, Spain.  At 34, he is now back home and happy to share his new life adventures and experiences with you. 

Never let someone tell you anything is impossible. 

Can you imagine spending seventeen months on a bicycle, pedalling 30,000 kilometres through 26 different countries? Breifne has now returned from this incredible journey, and having triumphed over his own despair, is testimony to the fact that each of us has more resilience and resources, abilities and capabilities that we give ourselves credit for. All we need is the desire. 

The best part of the trip “meeting so many fantastic humans, both locals and travellers from virtually every corner of the globe, including the 26 countries I’ve cycled through”.