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Get Up and Go Heroes inspirational book

“Do not ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman.

The Theme for 2017 was Get Up and Go with Passion and Purpose, chosen to inspire everyone to think about what you are truly passionate about and to discover how to create purpose in life by living true to your passion.

Each year we invite people who have inspired us by their own unique style of ‘get up and go’ to speak on different areas of life from business, adventure, entrepreneurship, confidence, education, health and wellbeing, with the intention to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower the audience to ‘get up and go’ in life, especially in areas where you might be ‘stopped’ or stuck.

Our speakers this year showed us how, as ordinary people, we can courageously step outside of our ‘comfort zones’ to pursue what is important to us, and be a demonstration of life lived in accordance with passion and purpose.

We welcomed a wide cross section of people, of all ages, from Ireland and abroad, who attended our event. We had been asked in the past to move this event to the Convention Centre in Dublin so more people could attend. However, not only would the cost implications of hosting this event in Dublin, put it beyond the price point of those people we wish to attract, our home is Sligo, the ‘Land of Heart’s Desire’. We are passionate about Sligo and our purpose is to ‘Set Your Spirit Free’ so you ‘get up and go’ from here, with Passion and Purpose.

Sligo is a spectacularly beautiful location on the Wild Atlantic Way, and has been a source of spiritual inspiration for tens of thousands of years from Celtic mythology through neolithic times to the poetry of WBYeats and the music of Leonard Cohen.

Judymay Murphy is a celebrated international motivational speaker and success coach who has been working at the top of her industry for the past fifteen years. As well having regular television slots (on BBC, ABC, CBS to name a few), she has also been an executive coach across multiple industries and companies including Coca Cola, O2 (Telefonica) and Disney. Judymay Murphy lives between London and Los Angels and travels the world speaking to thousands of people and coaching top show-business performers and professional speakers. She has eight books published in 28 countries and appears on major TV shows world wide talking about how to live your best possible life.

Breifne Earley gave himself a target seven years ago of 10 life-altering challenges to complete over 13 months. His challenges included losing weight, travelling, learning new skills, overcoming fear, changing jobs, finding a partner and completing a series of sporting events. In the process of doing these, he won the World Cycle Race. His book ‘Pedal the Planet’ about the race, tells how he cycled 18,000 miles through 27 countries over 17 months.

Emily Gowor is an internationally acclaimed inspirational writer, author and speaker devoted to bringing books and inspiration to the world, and to people finding and fulfilling upon their greatest aspirations. Challenged and bullied at school, she grew up feeling insignificant and lost and didn’t start her adult life with sky-rocketing confidence. At 19, after a rock-bottom suicidal moment, destiny intervened and she decided that she would take her life into her own hands and do whatever it took to live an amazing life. She began to write down her dreams, and pursue them with passion and purpose. She has now built a thriving career bringing writing and inspiration to the world. A true inspiration for young people everywhere to find and live a meaningful life, she was featured as one of the under 25 year olds in the book ‘Young Entrepreneur World: How 25 Teen-Trepreneurs Succeeded and Left World Leaders Scratching Their Heads’ and was also a winner of a 2012 and 2014 Young Entrepreneur Award. Her message to young people “Life had a greater plan for me than an ordinary life: just like it does for you. When we can plan our future in as much detail as possible it increase our chances of fulfilling the dreams that are inside our heart”.

David McGowan is a native of Enniscrone, Sligo, known to many as the man who moved the Boeing 767 from Shannon to Enniscrone … by sea!!
His love for his native county inspires his vision and purpose – to “put Sligo on the world map” and to fulfil on his desire to attract more people to the beautiful Sligo and the North West. He is designing and building a unique transport-themed ‘Quirky Glamping’ Village, a project which he is truly passionate about.
As a funeral Director David may be more acquainted with the reality of death more than most of us, and thus more aware of how vital it is to live fully while we have the chance.

Amy D. Waterman, PhD, is a Social Psychologist and Associate Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. Amy is passionate about organ donation and has made it her life’s purpose to solve the kidney donation shortage through research and education, in her lifetime. “Organ donation is the best of humanity expressed, the best of healthcare, and allows for a profound connection between people that is utterly transformative.”I can confidently tell you that after having had the pleasure hearing her speak, you too, will realize the gift it is to be on the receiving end of a transplant, and that there is no greater legacy in the world for someone to leave than new life”.

Moira Ni Gallachoir walked out on her 9-5 job in London 4 years ago, because she felt her soul was dying, and moved back home. Passionate about her beloved Donegal – a picturesque area in a tiny corner of Ireland, she was determined to do what she could to bring new life and business to the area. Her purpose now is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs inspire their way to more clients, customers and profits, and have a business that fuels a life they love … doing what they love! Her inspired, dynamic, successful brand of business mentoring helps show entrepreneurs a bigger vision for their own businesses, and a powerful, authentic path to inspire their way to more contacts, contracts, clients and cash! She also hosts one-of-a-kind business retreats in beautiful Donegal, for entrepreneurs to refresh, renew, and rediscover the power of their own business vision.

Gordon Ryan’s life as a cystic fibrosis sufferer has been transformed since getting a second chance in life after a double lung transplant. He is now following his heart and pursuing a full time Masters in Journalism (DCU). In 2016 he spoke about what receiving a transplant means at the National launch of Organ Donor Awareness Week. Gordon is currently working towards launching an Organ Donation Blog.

Nikki Bradley is a speaker, columnist and fitness enthusiast. She was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer (Ewing’s Sarcoma) at 16. In 2013 Nikki set up a fitness-based awareness campaign called Fighting Fit For Ewing’s to highlight the importance of exercise for rehabilitation. Her story has attracted national and international media coverage and she uses this to share her message with a wider audience.

Teejay Dowe, back by popular demand after her extraordinary performance last year, she is passionate about motivating teenagers to ‘get up and go’ and pursue their dreams with confidence. She is offering a free Talent Dynamics Profile Token worth £50 for every teen attending this year’s event. If you are the parent of a teen, the teacher of a teen, the advocate of a teen or even a teen yourself, you will want to hear this woman!

Dermot Higgins will set out to cycle the globe (over 40,000km) on the day he retires this summer. At the age of 55, he will become the oldest person in the world to do so. He will visit schools and organisations speaking about ‘The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development’, targets set and agreed by world leaders to end extreme poverty, inequality and to tackle climate change. His aim is to finish back in Ireland on Easter Sunday, 1 April 2018.

Padraic OMaille is the creator of Smácht, an executive training business that motivates people to realise their potential. He has created three online training courses which teach how to apply ‘Pig Headed Discipline’ to your productivity, sales and financial freedom. Pádraic is also the author of the best selling book ‘Rocking Horse Sh*t.’ It is an insight into how one can turn a challenging situation into an opportunity.

Donna Kennedy is a three-time bestselling author, with The Confidence to Succeed being her most recent release. She is a qualified psychologist, life coach, business coach and mentor. Today she shares how overcoming her own struggles in early life has inspired her to reach out to others with a generous spirit. She is passionate about what she does and her purpose is to help you overcome your obstacles and achieve all that you desire. If you are ready to make a positive difference and take action, Donna Kennedy is the woman to listen to. “She will take you from Ordinary to Extraordinary!”

This remarkable collection of speakers will share their experience of living life at this level of contribution to the world, where their ‘passion and purpose’ truly makes a difference.

Equally we welcome a wide cross section of people, off all ages, from Ireland and abroad, to attend our event. You will not be disappointed by Sligo in the Springtime, a perfect time to to experience the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way, and to harness the spirit of growth and rebirth that will sustain you throughout the year.

Our speakers will surprise and delight you and you will leave inspired and motivated by their message to you.

Not only will you connect with inspirational speakers, you will also have an opportunity to connect with this wonderfully inspiring landscape and are hereby invited to discover for yourself the wide range of outdoor activities that will challenge your participation, from hill-walking and biking, to stand up paddling, horse riding and surfing.

We all want our lives to make a difference and what better way than finding our passion and realising that, in the pursuit of it, we can also contribute to the betterment of life for all of us.

Join us in Sligo and ‘get up and go’ with passion and purpose, now!

This ticket only event will take place in the Knocknarea Arena at IT Sligo, on 21st/22nd April 2017.

This event is for YOU if you …

… desire some inspiration and motivation 

… are challenged in some area of your life

… lack clarity or passion in your career

… seek change of direction or purpose in your life

… would love to reconnect with your dreams and ambitions

… are a teenager wondering what to do with your life

… are willing to listen to others share their experiences of stepping outside their comfort zone

… would love the courage to pursue what you have always wanted to do

… are a parent, a teenager, a teacher, a student, a carer, an employee, employer, business owner or entrepreneur

… just want a little more Get Up and Go and the Confidence to Succeed 

… are looking for tools, insights or strategies to help you move on from where you are. 

Then come to Sligo,  Land of Heart’s Desire, the Inspiration Destination, where you can Set Your Spirit Free!

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